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Shipping Costs

1.- Prices

All prices are in Euros and VAT (4% for books/magazines and rest 21%) is already included in these.


2.- Shipping and Transportation forms.

All goods travel by account and risk of the buyer, that means shipments are uninsured.

In case of delay, loss or damage, the buyer will be the claim to the carrier. AVR Model will be provided all the necessary data to make claims as may be necessary.

AVR Model WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR UNDELIVERED packages.  Absolutely no refunds or re-shipping.  We track all Spain deliveries and most International,  if the tracking says it was delivered we are pretty sure it made it to your mailbox.  After that it is NOT our responsibility.

Note: If you want to buy a insurance for the shipment, please write to infola


If the item is in stock, the packages will be brought to the post office on the day of receipt of payment, if time permits.

Shipping charges include packaging, handling and shipping.The Customs expenses will be payable by the customer.

Default shipping costs are automatically calculated for Registered Letter (Spain and international)




Users can trace delivery status through


Registered Letter:

Time Shipping:

    1. Spain - from 1 to 4 working days
    2. Europe - from 5 to 20 working days
    3. Other destinations - depending on the country


Note: These delivery times have obtained from the post Office website, if for any reason these times are not met AVR Model shall not be liable for the delay.

                      Registered Letter (Europe including Greenland)Registered Letter (Other Countries)
0-50 gr6.10 €6.40 €
50-100 gr6.90 €7.90 €
100-500 gr11.10 €14.75 €
500-1000 gr17.50 €25.85 €
1000-2000 gr25.40 €41.90 €

You must take into account the size of the package:

[Long + high + width] should be less than 90 cm (35.43 inches), while the largest dimension not exceeding 60 cm (23.63 inches).

If this shipping method has been selected and the package exceeds the dimensions, AVR Model will be sent an email indicating alternative shipping methods and cost.


 Mondial Relay

 home deliveryPick up point
0-1kg 12.50€ 7.90€
 1-2kg13.50€ 8.65€ 
 2-5kg16.60€ 11.50€ 
5-10kg  23.10€18€ 
 10-15kg26.50€ 22.50€ 


 20-30kg 35.90€


 Home Delivery only for Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain

 Pick up point only for Spain, France, Belgium and Luxembourg

For more information:

Other countries write to infola to know shipping cost.

If you want another shipping method, write to infola