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1/350 Flower Class Corvette

1/350 Flower Class Corvette for Mirage kits


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26,50 € tax incl.


Availability: OUT OF STOCK. Consult possibility of reservation

Contains: Railings (Foc'sle Deck), Railings (Bridge Rear), Bulwarks (Bridge Front), Railings (Aft Superstructure), Railings (Aft Superstructure), Railings (Funnel Casing), Railings (Forward Gun Deck), Railings (Forward Gun Deck), Railings (Galley Roof), .20mm Single Oerlikon, .Radar Lantern Platform Support, Flare Rails, Twin Lewis Guns, Cable Reel, Railing (Bridge Roof), Railing (Searchlight Platform, Extended Bridge Wing Supports, Bridge Support Spray Shields, Narrow Bridge Wing Supports, Late Bridge Front Supports, Bridge Front Venturi (Early), Venturi Spacers, Extended Bridge Front (Early), Tow Cable Crane, Funnel Cap Grille, Forward Gun Deck, Mast Head Antenna, Double Stack Depth Charge Rails, Depth Charge Rail Track (Upper), Depth Charge Rail Track (Lower), Accoustic Hammer Bucket, Replacement Enclosed Bridge, Breakwater & Braces, Bridge Front DF Antenna, Cowl Vent Grilles (Small), Bridge Roof DF Antenna, Cowl Vent Grilles (Large), Shell Clips, Aft AA Gun Platform, Compass Platform, Extended Bridge Assembly, Extended Bridge Front (Late), Bridge Front Venturi, Signal Lamp Steps, Raised Conning Deck, Venturi Spacers, Depth Charge Rails, Depth Charge Rail Tracks, Foremast Yardarms, Depth Charge Davits, Open Bridge Windows, 20mm Oerlikon Foot Plates, 0.5” Quad Machine Gun, 291 Radar Antenna, Accoustic Hammer Arm, Radar Lantern Housing, 276 Radar Lantern Platform(Late), 276 Radar Lantern (Late), 276 Radar Lantern Platform (Early), 276 Radar Lantern (Early), Wire Antenna Spreader (Mainmast), Inclined Ladders (Aft Superstructure), Inclined Ladders (Fwd Superstructure), Towing Hawser Drum Support Frame, Towing Hawser Drum Ends, Carley Raft Bottoms, Carley Raft Paddles, 16’ Dinghy Cradles, 16’ Dinghy Rudders, 16’ Dinghy Thwarts, Anchor Chain, Vertical Ladder Stock

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