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Our website uses both first and third party cookies while you are browsing our pages. Cookies are just small text files saved on your device, where we store information about your session (language preferences, shopping cart contents, etc...), a random number for your chat session with us (in order to keep the different concurrent conversations separated from each other), and anonymous information about your visit (from which country do you come from, from which social network or banner did you arrive, if you are a first time visitor or a regular, how many time you stay on our site, what browser are you using, your device screen resolution, etc...), that we use to improve our website, detect user needs and bugs and assess the possible changes, in order to provide a better service for visitors like you.

Since cookies are just plain text files, they can't be used to personally identify you or harm the performance of your computer (they can't be infected with a virus since they're not a computer program). Cookies cannot "read" anything on your hard drive, or "capture" your email address or "steal" any other information about you that might be stored in your device.

We use Google Analytics to gather, analyze and manage the statistical information. These third parties can use each data respectively to improve their own services or offer different services to other corporations. You can get more information about such possible uses in the related links.

These are the cookies we use at AVR Model:

x: Cookie de Sesión necesaria para que funcione AVR Model, almacenamos información relacionada con su navegación dentro de nuestra web y no lo compartimos con nadie. Una vez que se salga, esta cookie puede ser borrada.

NID: Esta Cookie es de Google usada en la navegación privada, es ajeno a AVR Model, consultela política de privacidad de Google.

_utm: Cookies de Google Analytics. El objetivo de AVR Model es recomendar y ofrecer losmejores productos a nuestros clientes, para ellos usamos Google Analytics para determinar queproductos son más vistos por nuestros clientes, de forma que organizamos la web en base a esosdatos. Los datos de Google Analytics no se comparten con ninguna empresa externa.